Text: We are an experienced team of professionals working with regional, national and international media houses to provide content support and training and also bring out news stories from untouched areas of India and Sri Lanka. With top class talent and latest technology, we are equipped to deal with on-demand stories, road-shows, meeting deadlines of stories that are pitched,interviews, live-links, multi-cam debates, sourcing content, personalities and stories. The content team is equipped to provide total support to up-coming news channel ventures who may need to train fresh talent and set up a news management system that is efficient and fail-proof.
In today’s business environment corporations and global brands need to get their message across to their shareholders and customers. Bringing years of media communications experience and brand understanding, Delta4cast can help you communicate successfully with your intended audience. In particular we can:

• Produce a promotional video.
• Cover a launch event or major corporate announcement.
• Provide training on television interviews and appearance
• Live video conferencing and corporate announcements
• Online video streaming
• Video distribution to broadcasters

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