Monitoring Solutions

TPlura PRM-3G Series New PRM-217-3G, PRM-224-3G & PRM-233-3G, Plura 17″, 24″ & 32″ FULL HD 1920×1080 Precision Broadcast LCD Series is built with Grade A – 10 BIT 17″, 24″, 32″ panel respectively.New PRM Plura Precision Broadcast LCD Series is built with Grade A LED back-Light LCD Panel and supports 3 Gbps – 1080P/60P input capability as well as all other types of digital video formats HD & SD-SDI and analog video formats like RGB, Component and Composite signals.

Plura MVM Series

Plura integrated multi-view monitors are built with Grade A TFT Panels and feature 1:1 pixel to pixel scaling, Intelligent connection for Automatic Alignment and Calibration and Adjustable Colormetry and Gamma Correction. The Built-in multi-viewer feature saves space,time and money. The Ethernet remote confi guration software tool enables users to store & recall multiple conventional and user defined Layouts.

Plura DBM Series

DBM-Series is the most economical broadcast monitor series in the market with DVI, HDMI, VGA & Analog inputs that come standard with Auto Calibration & Alignment and Remote Wall Control Software Capabilities. It is suited and designed uniquely for Broadcast Monitor Wall & Multi-Viewer applications. Availabe in multiple sizes: 40″, 46″, 55″ & 70″. DBM-Series is designed to meet all broadcast quality challenges as it provides:
Innovative color reproduction – Unparalleled quality – Affordability – Reliability

Plura LCM-3G Series

LCM Series consists of high quality HD LCD monitors, specifically designed for use in Broadcast environment ensuring accurate color reproduction in accordance with SMPTE, EBU, REC 709 Broadcast Standards.

The standard calibration feature enables gamma, color temperature and white luminance level adjustments to meet all Broadcast and medical standards. The LCM series calibration tool provides 10 bit look up table (LUT) (1024 steps of grayscale)

Plura SFP-3G Series

The NEW SFP-3G Series consists of SFP-217-3G, SFP-221-3G, SFP-224-3G & SFP-232-3G, 17″, 21″, 24″ & 32″ FULL HD 1920×1080 Precision Broadcast LCD Series which is built with 17″, 21″ 24″ & 32″ high quality panel respectively. The SFP-3G series adapt to various optional PLURA SFP modules which can fit any possible broadcast application. It supports up to 3 Gbps-1080-60P along with all other Digital and Analog inputs & formats.

Plura PBM-S Series

The PBM-S Series offers an elegant slim design with fast response time for smooth video streaming, available in 17″, 19″, 20″, 21″, 24″, 32″, 40″, 46″ & 55″ display sizes, native full HD resolution – in 17″, 21″, 24″, 32″, 40″, 46″ & 55″ sizes-with high contrast ratio, wide viewing angles, accurate color reproduction and quality picture consistency that meets your HD & SD Monitoring application.

Calibration Solutions

A Monitor Display can change over time and thus render the same image differently. Recalibration returns your display to a reference standard for brightness and color consistency. Wide gamut displays may be over-saturated and without calibration even wide-gamut displays may be inaccurate. All Plura monitors are calibrated at the QC stage. All monitors will be issued with calibration report and suggested re-calibration due date prior shipment.

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